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Ceremony of the Divine Masculine

There's something special that happens when a group of men join together. This Retreat will be working exclusively with an experienced Medicine Woman (Mama Bear) in order to create a magical a family healing container. This very special ceremony is for self-identified women only. Holding a retreat specifically for women brings an added Focus to guiding principles of honoring the divine feminine and it aims to support the embodiment and empowerment of feminine energy in our members and on the planet.


More importantly, very few men, especially early on in their healing Journeys, are fully comfortable with their own inner being; fully connected to their own power and fully supported by a community of strong, healthy men. The only way to truly heal and recreate these parts of ourselves is to face them, and what better way to do that than by creating an environment of exclusively men in which do this healing work.

When the masculine gathers together with the explicit intention of supporting and challenging each other to be the most vital, expressed, and powerfully authentic versions of themselves they are quite a force.
The masculine grows most quickly and powerfully through challenge and feedback. This is a truth that is crystal clear in sporting culture, where coaches, our teammates, and rival teams constantly provide the information and push to be better. Improving at anything in life is easier when we have trusted people alongside us offering us what they see in service of our transformation. We can often be totally blind to pieces of our behavior and ways of being in the world, which is where fellowship becomes so important. Other beloveds can point out to us what we aren’t seeing ourselves and call us on our bullshit from a place of deep service and love. 
Taking part in a men’s ceremony can also give men a support system, outside of their primary partner, where they can vent and get rigorously honest feedback. Sitting in a ceremony like this also helps to make us less needy with our partners and supports us in learning to appreciate and serve our own needs first, in order to show up for others from a full cup. 
Start the new year off right by joining us this January and celebrating a life-transforming experience you’ll never forget… the new you is waiting!


 This ceremony is perfect for you if:

 •  You are longing for a greater connection with yourself and other men

 •  The thought of joining a men's retreat brings up a certain amount of fear in you.

 •  You are committed to your own healing and making a difference in the world.

 •  You want your ceremony to be supported by a high level of processing and integration support.

 •  You want to learn from and work with highly trusted and respected.


 In this ceremony we will:

 •  Explore what happens is a group of men committed to our own healing Gathering.

 •  Experience the Divine Connection in power of masculine energy.

 •  Face the fears that we have around male Friendship and Brotherhood.

 •  Learn ways to stay connected to feminine power in our day-to-day lives.


 You will leave this ceremony:

 •  With a new community of close male friends.

 • Empowered to access your own masculine energy to help you move forward in your life .

 • A new understanding of the ways that you suppress or sacrifice yourself.

 • Tools to support yourself and other men. 

 •  And finally, you will be inspired to approach your life in new and Powerful ways. 

Ceremony of the Divine Masculine

January 13th-15th and July 14th-17th 

Join us for a Men Only Ceremony! 
This will be a special ceremony where the power of our
Divine Masculine will connect with the Spirit of Aya!
You won't want to miss it!
Space is limited so book your experience early! 
First Fill out our intake forms then
Click the links below to book your retreat.

$700 Click here to pay in full

$350 to pay half down. Use this link twice to complete your payment. 

Please be sure to read our Cancellation Policy

October 11-13th 2024

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