Desmond Wallington, PhD

Dr. Desmond Wallington is a psychologist and the Colorado Mental Health Director for a Ketamine Clinic in Denver. Desmond volunteered on the I-301 campaign, which decriminalized psilocybin in Denver. He also helped gather petition signatures for Washington DC’s Initiative 81, the Decriminalize Nature campaign to make entheogenic plants and fungi the lowest policing priority. Dr. Wallington also serves on the executive boards of the Psychedelic Club of Denver and RCV for Colorado.

  • Desmond “Desi” Wallington, PhD

  • (he/his pronouns)Licensed Psychologist 

  • Colorado Green Party, Denver Delegate

  • Green Party of the United States, Colorado Delegate

  • Ranked Choice Voting for Colorado (RCV4CO), Executive Board, 3rd/Minor Party Coordinator

  • Psychedelic Club of Denver, Executive Board

  • Decriminalize Denver Volunteer

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