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Dieta (Diet) Guide

  1. What Can I Eat? 

Eating clean foods that are organically grown, taking on and maintaining healthy habits, and hydration is vital to your mental, physical, and emotional health going into the medicine space.  Educating yourself about the recommended “dieta” associated with Ayahuasca will make for a better experience.

Foods you want to eat and foods you want to avoid:

You want to avoid red meats/pork/shrimp, dairy, processed, sugary, fried, and junk foods leading up the ceremony (some say a couple weeks prior). Incorporate a wide range of

vegetables and greens, lean meats, nuts, grains, fruits, and seeds into your diet

(depending on your personal dietary choices and restrictions)

   2. Cleaning out the body system:

Start eliminating toxic and unnatural substances, such as candy, alcohol, herbal remedies, recreational drugs, cigarettes, chemical products, caffeinated products, processed and packaged foods, and fast-food restaurants. See your facilitator’s guidelines as it is recommended you also get off Chinese herbs and certain supplements too; and there may be other things you’re not aware of. So, ask.


Ayahuasca Diet Preparation

Before your ceremony, please consider the following guidelines. These guidelines are in place for your ultimate wellbeing, and so that you can get the most out of your experience with the medicine. The Ayahuasca that is served during your ceremony is a very concentrated sacred plant brew, and in order for these plants to work within you to their greatest capacity, it is important that you prepare yourself to receive them.

All of the following should be thought of as a “minimum” – the more you can prepare yourself and your body before your ceremony, the more effective your ceremony will be!

2 weeks before drinking Ayahuasca:
     – Avoid any recreational drugs including marijuana and alcohol

 48 – 72 hours before drinking Ayahuasca, avoid:

– Fried foods or excessive oil
– Sexual contact
– Spicy foods
– Fermented food
– Caffeine
– Non-fresh (canned or packaged) meat or fish products
– Avocados
– Liquid and Powdered protein extracts
– Brewers yeast or yeast-based supplements
– Dairy products
– Overripe fruits
– Processed sweets and refined sugar
– Excessive amounts of table salt
– Pork and red meat


This time is also an excellent opportunity for you to cut anything else out of your life which you may feel is not in line with your highest truth and potential.

Other aspects of the Ayahuasca Diet, may mean the avoidance of:
Media, Newspapers, Toxic Relationships, Violent Movies, limiting thought forms, etc...


Some good additions to help prepare you for your work with ayahuasca are:
Yoga, meditation, playing music or singing, warm baths with essential oils or plant essences, reading of spiritual books, keeping a journal of your thoughts and emotions or a dream journal, conscious non-violent communication practices, self-inquiry practices, and more...


Once again, the more “sacrifices” that you can make in cutting out these things from your diet in preparation for your experience, the fuller your experience can be. Mother Ayahuasca is sensitive to the amount of importance that you place on your healing, and we find that she tends to reward hard work!

IMPORTANT: Please read our Medical Guidelines for information regarding specific supplements and medications. This is especially important for people who are currently taking any type of medication or supplements. It is our policy that all guests must be free of pharmaceutical intervention 30 days prior to their scheduled retreat. Consult with your doctor if you need to stop taking any medication.


Sleep, Exercise and the Physical Body: 


  1. Getting a good night’s sleep: 

Be sure to set the stage for a restful night’s sleep in leading up and during the ceremony. Turn off all electronics at least two hours prior to going to bed. Avoid foods that will interrupt a restful night’s sleep and do not take any sleep medications to help you get to sleep. Instead, try a light meditation or breathwork practice to calm your mind and prepare it for rest.

  1. Right exercise: Get some cardio, stretching, moderate weightlifting or qi- gong exercise leading up to your experience will support you through the intensity and duration of the experience. Movement activities such as swimming, dance, hiking, brisk walking or running, builds endurance and forbearance.

  2. Body-awareness: Pay attention to your body and what it is communicating. Everything will be magnified during your experience, so start paying attention to how and what your body is trying to communicate to you.

  3. Rest and relaxation:  Going into your ceremony rested and relaxed is going to support and lighter, deeper, and more enjoyable experience. You will be more open and accepting of what Mother Ayahuasca is trying to communicate. and assist with you being open to the experience.  Going in open and accepting will soften and deepen your experience; resistance will inhibit the flow of communication. 

  4. **See the addendum on Medications/Substances to Avoid USING With Ayahuasca

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