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What to Expect With Mother Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is not the typical medicine, recommended by a Western doctor for some illness or disease that can be managed by a prescription. Instead, we are “called” to the medicine by Mother Ayahuasca. In this way, it is more of a spiritual relationship, path, process, and a journey, where you will encounter deep elements of your own psycho-spiritual self. This medicine is our Sacrament here at The Leaf & deVine Church. Our Sacrament is a feminine Spirit, whose name is Ayahuasca. She is a living entity whose sole goal is to enhance and encourage Human Beings in their process of spiritual ascent. She elevates our consciousness in reaching our authentic state of being, which is in thriving, ascending, and ultimately soaring from the mundane, to the extraordinary.  Our sacrament is an authentic inner encounter with one’s God-self. It is there that we come to know and commune with the spiritual dimension, beyond the veil. It is in this consciousness that the inner connection between heaven and earth, where the divine awakens the spirit, where the embodiment of enlightenment is manifest. It is there that we learn how to truly live life how it was designed to be lived…and what life is meant for: LOVE. It is through pure LOVE that we begin to awaken to our true nature: which is LOVE. When we awaken, we realize we are and have always been LOVE, and consequently, our spirit is healed. We no longer sleepwalk through life. When we heal the spirit, we heal everything else, including our past, our present, our future, our planet, and all life itself. 

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