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  • Tasha Marie Hannah, CRP

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    Gervais Wright is veteran special education teacher and administrator. She shares with all, a depth of experience and insight from her many Ayahuasca ceremonies. She has experienced sitting under medicine, learning and embracing the experience; and she has held space for others as they made their own journeys under medicine. The richness of these practices allows her to combine the wealth of her life experiences with the power of her time under medicine to help others to grow and transform.

     Gervais has Masters and Doctoral degrees (ABD) in Education Administration.  Along with these, her studies also include the Being True to You Transformational Recovery Integration program, from which she has dual certifications in Transformational Recovery coaching and Psychedelic Integration coaching.

    Her desire to serve  has taken her to  several volunteer opportunities where she  held space during ceremonies at Soul Quest Mother Ayahuasca Church in Orlando, Florida.

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Dr. Desmond Wallington is a psychologist and the Colorado Mental Health Director for Klarisana. Desmond volunteered on the I-301 campaign, which decriminalized psilocybin in Denver. He also helped gather petition signatures for Washington DC’s Initiative 81, the Decriminalize Nature campaign to make entheogenic plants and fungi the lowest policing priority. Dr. Wallington also serves on the executive boards of the Psychedelic Club of Denver and RCV for Colorado.

  • Desmond “Desi” Wallington, PhD

  • (he/his pronouns)Licensed Psychologist 

  • Colorado Green Party, Denver Delegate

  • Green Party of the United States, Colorado Delegate

  • Ranked Choice Voting for Colorado (RCV4CO), Executive Board, 3rd/Minor Party Coordinator

  • Psychedelic Club of Denver, Executive Board

  • Decriminalize Denver Volunteer

Tasha Marie Hannah, CRP, Integration


Tasha Marie Hannah is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Transformational Life Coach, and Facilitator for Leaf and Devine Church. She has been deeply involved with the plant medicine community for 4+ years and specializes in post-ceremony Integration. With many ceremonies under her belt, she holds a container of love and compassion for those traveling the medicine space. She offers free weekly Integration calls and personal integration sessions on zoom. She has also created a 4-week Online Integration Program for those who wish to dive deeper into their healing and transformation.


You can learn more about Tasha Marie or book a session with her by visiting her website at - you can also find her on Instagram @TashaMarieisFree or on Facebook by searching her name.