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Meditation in Forest
What is the mission of our church?

Our mission is to provide our world and community with services, Ayahuasca education, spiritual healing and a communal oneness. Our goal as a church is to to protect the practice of Mother Earth, God, Goddess, North and South Native American Ceremonies of Spirit, Healing Ways of the Gaia Mother, and to preserve the healing nature of plant medicine. Return to top

What sacred plants does the church use?

Through Mother Ayahuasca’s divine healing processes, she goes directly into the soul of every Human and reveals in crisp detail their divine nature. This living entity, and Great Spirit, is born of the synergy that comes from combining the leaves of the Psychotria viridis shrub along with the vine of the Banisteriopsis caapi tree, whose greatest mission is to assist humanity in its healing. According to current research, Ayahuasca may protect brain cells and stimulate neural cell growth. It may also boost mood, improve mindfulness, and treat depression, anxiety, cancer, addiction disorders, and a whole host of other disorders, syndromes, and diseases, though more research is needed to confirm these effects. 

The gifts and benefits of your Ayahuasca experience, can reveal themselves prior to, during, and even long after your ceremony. Mother Ayahuasca is also a great Teacher, she teaches you by taking you to the root of your problem and offers you the insight, instruction, and opportunity, to approach it through the eyes of LOVE. She allows you to see and consider your truth as an essential part of the whole, in order to heal the microcosm of yourself and your family, both ancestors as well as living, and further, to the macrocosm of humanity itself. She does not necessarily do the healing for you, but through the lens of LOVE, she will reveal infinite possibilities, and set you onward and forward, on a renewed path of greater self-love, health, and healing. In short, Mother Ayahuasca will lovingly take you to your true self, to your dark side, to your hidden limitations. Sometimes she will do this with drama, power, fear, pain, but never to an extent you cannot tolerate. She will never give you experiences beyond your ability to tolerate. And yes, it is necessary to take you to the edge of your tolerance or resistance; only then is transformation possible. Your evolution is at hand. The maturing of the cosmic cocoon. The birth into a new YOUniverse. Mother Ayahuasca IS medicine. Medicine for the healing of the mind, body, soul, emotions, past, present, and future. For those whose mind and heart is open to understand, she is a loving servant, here to heal Humanity.

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Do I have to stay at your location during the ceremony?

Everyone must stay the night two nights. If you decide to join the ceremony you must make the commitment to stay for the entire process. Our facilitators and medicine people have determined the perfect process for you to get the most out of the time you have spent in preparation. Please see our cancellation policy.  Return to the top

How Long do the ceremonies last?
What steps do I follow to join the ceremonies?

In order to participate in the sacred plant ceremonies you must meet with the leaders and go through the 2 part course  created for this purpose in order to participate. In order to join the ceremonies you will also be required to be a member of The Leaf & deVine Church. You will also have medical forms and speak in depth with our Spiritual Leaders. Return to the top.

Why do I need to be a member to participate?

Our Ceremonies are not open to the public. Anyone who wishes to participate in them must be a member of our church to join a sacred medicine Ceremony. This means you must meet and commune with us as a church in order to come to the place of calling to the ceremony and the elders feel that you are ready. All participation in the ceremony is covered by freedom of religion. You must be a member of the church to be allowed to participate with the sacred plants as worship. Return to the top

How long is the minimum stay when I come to the weekend ceremony?

We require all new participants to attend the minimum of 3 days and 2 nights beginning on Friday and ending on Sunday, so you can fully understand the broad aspects of ceremony. The depth of your experience must be integrated into your soul before you can used them in your daily life. The extra time will allow for you to process any thoughts or emotions you will have during the ceremony. 

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