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Upcoming Special Ceremonies

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FRI, FEB 9, 2024 - FEB 11, 2024

Traditional Quechuan Ayahuasca Ceremony 

With Master Curandero Victor Nieto

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This ceremony will be at our Lakewood location. Please call Mama Bear for details. Only 16 spots are available and they will go quickly so please don't hesitate to call.

VICTOR’S Autobiography
Víctor Nieto was born in Lima, Perú. He has worked with Ayahuasca
since 1995 when he started his activities with the brew in Tarapoto, Perú. He lived in the Peruvian Amazon for 8 years, studying the traditional use of Ayahuasca and other plantas maestras (teaching plants), and has traveled throughout Perú, visiting and studying with Indigenous and Mestizo healers, the curanderos.
During his training, he completed innumerable dietas, a practice of
isolating oneself in the jungle for a determined period of time, remaining celibate, abstaining from certain foods, and ingesting various teaching plants, and he continues to perform dietas regularly for his own cleansing and the renewing of this knowledge. He values the practice of personally preparing his own Ayahuasca, following a recipe he developed over years of experimentation.
Since 1997, Víctor has worked in Africa, Asia, Europe, the USA, and
South America, conducting ceremonies, leading seminars and giving talks.
From 2002 to 2011 he lived in São Paulo, Brazil, where he established a center for research, exchange, and education on Peruvian Ayahuasca vegetalismo, thereby strengthening ties between Brazil and his neighboring country to the east. He also spent time in Perú researching and studying the differences between the ancestral healing cultures in the jungle, and those of the highlands and the coast.
Víctor is now running retreats and supervising traditional dietas with
Ayahuasca and other teaching plants in different parts of the world
including the Peruvian Amazon. He is also available to give talks and
seminars on the many aspects of native curing arts, such as sacred songs, the curative properties of plants, historical and symbolic aspects of vegetalismo, and other related topics and activities.
Please go to to sign up for this ceremony. You can call Mama Bear at 815-644-8351 for more information. I hope to see you there!

$700 please click here to pay in full

Cacao & Hape Ceremonies


Cacao & Hape Ceremonies go from 2pm-6pm on the dates listed. Each Ceremony is $25 Click the link here to pay. Please indicate in the payment which ceremony you are planning to attend. Thank you! PAY HERE

2023 Dates of Hapeˊ
January 21st                   August  19th
February 18th                 September  23rd
March 18th                     October 21st
April 22nd                       November  18th
May 20th                        December 23rd
June 10th
July 22nd

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Creative Ceremonies: Micro-Dosing With Art and Music!

Aya Micro-dosing with Art, Music, and Dance Ceremonies: Each a 5-hour experience.

Sometimes we experience sensations, feelings, and new awareness that are hard to put into words or are just below the surface.  Art, music, and dance, can be beautiful mediums to express those things that may be hard to put into words.  In these groups, participants will receive, in an opening ceremony, a micro-dose of Ayahuasca to open the gates of creative self-expression and awareness of feelings. Following the opening ceremony, participants will be supportive in their creative endeavors. At the end of the creative process, participants will have a chance to integrate their experience and the process of creative work that they shared.  

Leaf and deVine Church is now offering special series of creative art, music, and dance ceremonies, (each a separate ceremony) with Ayahuasca Micro-dosing. Beginning Friday, September 30th from 2 PM- 7 PM, we will host our first creative art ceremony, the following month the music ceremony, and the following month we will host the creative dance ceremony. 

If you would like to experience a deeper level with your creativity, self-expression, and emotional healing through the creative arts, with a micro-dose of Ayahuasca, these events are for you.  You do not need to be an artist, musician, or accomplished dancer to participate.  These events are open to anyone interested in engaging in creative self-discovery and expression.  The focus will be on the process more than the end result.

-Participants will need to bring their own art supplies and instruments.  If you have none, it can be as simple as a pencil and paper, or a shaker or a can to drum on.
-Participants must complete updated intake paperwork 
-The week prior to the ceremony, participants must follow the Ayahuasca dieta.
-One month prior to the ceremony, participants must follow the medication restrictions outlined in the Ceremony Preparation Workbook.
-Participants will need to attend one Prep meeting one week prior to ceremony.
-Participants will be screened with a UA prior to the beginning of each ceremony.
-Suggested donation: $75

For questions, please contact Kathy Crook: 281-658-0145 or, Mama Bear: 815-644-8351


Our gender-specific and nonbinary welcoming ceremonies and integration are available two times a year. If you feel led to celebrate Mama Aya surrounded by welcoming souls, please join us for one of these special ceremonies. Click on the links to reserve your place! 

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