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Please read these instructions carefully

How to book a ceremony  First, click on  INTAKE FORM 1 and fill out the forms. After that you will hit sumbit and log out. COME BACK TO THE WEBSITE HERE THEN Click on the INTAKE FORM 2 a second time and enter your email address and you will be sent a code to access the remainder of the forms for participation. 

All church members must completely fill out the intake forms and sign all documents before booking an Ayahuasca Retreat. After you have filled out your forms then you can Click here to BOOK AND PAY FOR YOUR RETREAT

     If you have any of the following issues, please call before for booking and speak to one of our medical advisors. If you suffer from Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality Disorder, or Epilepsy, At this time we are not able to provide Ayahuasca to you.

    If you are on any of the following medications. Antidepressants, MAOI inhibitors, SSRI, prescribed medications, addiction to any street drugs, or prescription medication. You must be off of them for a min of 3-4 weeks and some for 6 weeks. Please be honest because your life literally depends on it! So please be honest and speak to one of our medical staff to ensure a safe time has passed before you book.

Please call us at 815-644-8351 with any additional questions and to schedule your ceremony pre-qualifying interview.

When you should not take ayahuasca:

Security and exclusion criteria Physical contraindications Ayahuasca is not recommended in the following cases: people with severe cardiovascular problems (as it slightly increases cardiovascular parameters); glaucoma; retinal detachment; severe hypertension; fractures; recent surgeries; acute infectious diseases; tuberculosis; epilepsy, convulsions; cerebrovascular accidents. Also, those with serious liver, gallbladder, kidney or pancreas diseases, certain cases of gastroduodenal ulcer or gastritis, and digestive hemorrhage. Those who have difficulty vomiting should also avoid ingesting ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Psychological contraindications Ayahuasca is not indicated for people suffering from panic attacks, or serious psychiatric disorders such as bipolar, schizophrenia, borderline personality, etc. If a person has a history of severe depression, suicide attempts, or self-harm, it is essential that the work with ayahuasca is accompanied by adequate psychological supervision. 18 / FOR PARTICIPANTS Pharmacological contraindications The use of ayahuasca is contraindicated with drugs or substances inhibiting monoamine oxidase (MAOI), and any drug or medication with an effect on the serotonin system. Ayahuasca is also contraindicated with many antidepressants and psychotropic drugs. Incompatible psychoactive substances Substances such as cocaine, amphetamines or MDMA may interact negatively with ayahuasca, so their combination is not recommended, as the effects can result in hypertensive crises. Likewise, the combination of ayahuasca with bufotenin and/ or 5-MeO-DMT (present in other substances of natural origin such as Bufo alvarius, Vilca or yopo) is also contraindicated. Ayahuasca is not and should not be used as a substitute for psychotherapy or medical care. Finally, you should consult a specialist if you have any type of illness or use daily medication (including herbal medicine) and report this beforehand to the person guiding the ayahuasca experience.

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