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Pre-Ceremony Courses

The Leaf & deVine Church is now blessed to offer Pre-Ceremony Preparation and Post-Ceremony Integration courses available in an online class format. There are four courses total in this program:

  • The first (2) courses are the Pre-Ceremony Preparation courses, which are mandatory if you are interested in volunteering, or sitting in ceremony, under the medicine. 

  • The second set of courses are (2) Post-Ceremony Integration Courses which are not mandatory. 

These courses were created with the highest intention of reducing harm, as much as possible, to provide guidance, and insight, as to what you might experience in the sacrament and sacrament space, to offer various ways to navigate through the sacrament, how to hold yourself accountable for trusting your process, as well as a wealth of extended support beyond the courses, and much more. We are here for you and we believe you are exactly where you are supposed to me in this now moment. Thank you

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