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Deep Dive Dieta & Ceremonies
Join us in Peru! 

 You are invited to join us for our fourteen (14) day September 2nd-15th sacred ceremony retreat where you will experience a Deep Dive Dieta in solitude.  The price is $1800 Deposit is $900  Balance to be paid by August 15. Preparation classes begin the first Sunday in August 

          You will experience (2) Master Plants on the Silence Dieta. The strict ritual of the Master Plant Dieta in Silence serves as an expression of determination, and dedication to one's spiritual, emotional, and physical transformation. The Dieta plays a fundamental role in supporting the dietero(a) to integrate and sustain the healing they receive through Sacred Plants
         You will also experience (4) Ayahuasca Ceremonies, (2) Bufo Ceremonies, and (1) Kambo ceremony. 
         You will be tutored directly by a Master Curandero whom you will meet in the prep meetings. You will learn how to brew the medicine, classes in sing the icaros (sacred indigenous songs), and how to commune directly with the plant spirits.

                                             PLEASE JOIN US FOR THIS SEPTEMBER'S DEEP DIVE!

For more information please call:
Mama Bear 815-644-8351  

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For more information please call:
Mama Bear 815-644-8351

*All payments are non-refundable. 

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