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Gervais Wright is a dual-certified addiction recovery and psychedelic integration coach. Her certification is from the nationally recognized Being True to You Coaching Program.

What You Get:

  • 1 hour of one-on-one coaching each week.

  • Weekly calls can be conducted via phone, mobile app, or desktop computer via zoom.

  • Access to all recorded zoom meetings.

  • Weekly assignments.

  • Member access to bi-weekly group integration calls.

  • A deep understanding of the opportunity that lies in personal challenges.

  • A vast toolkit to help you with different modalities and exercises.

  • World-class instruction on entheogenic preparation, navigation, and integration.

  • Personal support and support calls outside of regularly scheduled calls when needed.

  • A comprehensive guide to transformational recovery and integration.

Charges are by the hour at $111.00. 

Click here to book your session today!

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