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We utilize the Being True to You Transformational Recovery and Psychedelic Integration Program.

The most common mistake people make when working with psychedelic substances is lacking the ongoing support necessary for ongoing change. 

Working with our resident psychedelic integration coach, Gervais Wright, will allow you to deepen your understanding of your psychedelic experience. She can help you navigate the difficult task of merging the grandeur of the psychedelic experience with the common routines of daily life. With integration coaching, you will be able to maintain the positive benefits of the experience, and learn to integrate any challenging or intrusive thoughts and feelings that might show up following the ceremony.

Through working with our psychedelic integration coach, you will learn how to:

  • Affirm your insights gained in the psychedelic experience and derive actionable steps to manifest the new life you want to begin living

  • Trust your intuition and “Inner Healing Intelligence”

  • Reduce potential harms

  • Maximize psychological and physical benefits from the experience

  • Maintain changes and resist falling backward into unhealthy thinking or self-destructive patterns pre-ceremony

Our Psychedelic Integration Program includes:
  • Preparation for transformational experiences
  • Skills & navigation training & holistic healing guidance
  • Aftercare integration to solidify positive changes
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Gervais Wright

    Gervais Wright has a Bachelors degree in Psychology as well as Masters and Doctoral degrees (ABD) in Education Administration.  Along with these, her post graduate studies include the Being True to You Transformational Recovery and Psychedelic Integration program, from which she has certifications in Substance Abuse coaching, Transformational Recovery coaching and Psychedelic Integration coaching.

    Click on the link above to email Gervais directly regarding her coaching program. To call 815-644-8351

1 hour sessions $110.00

DISCLAIMER: Being True To You (BTTY) provides transformational recovery and integration “coaching” to individuals and families through the addiction recovery and psychospiritual healing process. Read More

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