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DISCLAIMER: Being True To You (BTTY) provides transformational recovery and integration “coaching” to individuals and families through the addiction recovery and psychospiritual healing process. Coaching is not a medical service and is not regulated by legislature; it is an emerging profession not accredited by any institution or organization. BTTY coaching is not counseling or psychotherapy and does not use professional assessments or diagnosis mental illness. BTTY coaches are independent contractors who provide recovery coaching to BTTY assigned clients on a case-by-case basis. BTTY coaching is not treatment for addiction, nor do BTTY coaches write treatment plans. BTTY coaching assists clients with “recovery planning” coming out of addiction as clients work in conjunction with professional medical care as needed. BTTY coaching also assists clients who are using alternative holistic healing modalities of their choosing. BTTY does not advocate, suggest, approve or disapprove of the use of psychedelic medicines such as Ibogaine. Clients choose on their own accord what treatments and programs to incorporate into their recovery process. BTTY and BTTY coaches are not responsible for our clients treatment, recovery, sobriety, safety, or outcomes. Clients are responsible to do their due diligence and make their own decisions in their healing process; the coaches and the coaching process helps clients become well informed and make the best decisions for themselves.

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