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Divine Feminine Led-Traditional Quechuan Ceremony
March 15-17th 2024

No matter the vehicle, the overwhelming tone that has come across in all my Ayahuasca journeys has been one of distinct femininity. It is a feminine hand that has guided my journeys and has protected me through some dizzying and harrowing experiences. Any guidance or messages, even warnings and harsh truths, have been delivered to me through a filter of divine grace and love that feels like the warm hug of a mother.
This consciousness has been universally reported as distinctly feminine and one that acts as an older woman, past beauty and youth and child-rearing, and speaking from the wisdom of advanced years and holding open the doorway to past ancestors. A tribal elder, she is respected and revered and speaks with the brashness, directness, and sometimes harshness of a woman who no longer needs flirtation or deceit to get her point across.
Come sit with this Divine Feminine medicine of the soul, led by Divine Feminine Facilitators who will guide you with the same energies that embody the medicine whose love illuminates the ultimate Truth of your being. Please follow the link to the intake forms and booking

Details regarding this Ceremony are to be announced! Follow us on FB for more information! Please see our cancellation policy.

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