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Who is Mother Ayahuasca

"Ayahuasca is a plant based medicine of the Ancients. Mother Ayahuasca is an experience and a Spirit plant who serves humanity. Meeting her for the first time, you will come face to face with a spirit plant whose benevolent intention is to enlighten, commune, teach, and empower, through love.  We can connect to plant spirits daily. I speak to my plants like they are living beings because they are. You can be in a relationship with energy, just as you would be with an ancestor or an angel. I believe all plant consciousness and all plants are here for human beings to heal and to learn from. I think plants help us remember our nature because they hold all the elements within them, just as we do. They’re holding the sun, the water, the fire, and the earth—and we are, too. Connecting with our spirit and our spiritual practices will bring us to our heart-space where freedom and love have little room for fear and doubt."

"If you are called by her, answer. If you are called again, keep answering. It will be the journey of a lifetime. But if it ever feels complete, do not take offense. All we can do is be true to our own soulful awareness. That’s love. And love really is all there is."

                  ~Kat Courtney

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