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Spiritual Preparation for Ceremony

Why Preparation is so Important


Preparation, through mindfulness and presence, allows us to stay in our process, face our truth, observe our negative patterns, release attachments that do not serve our higher purpose, and help us stay in our authenticity throughout the entire journey, not just during the actual ceremony. 

Right away, Mother Ayahuasca begins working on us from the inside out. She will subtly bring illumination around our character defects, our less than stellar qualities and dysfunction personal choices that tend create our suffering, clogs our energy flow. and creates chaos throughout our lives. We become extra sensitive to these new revelations, experience new and unfamiliar emotions, experience new sensations in our bodies, old memories and new thoughts may surface, and things in our lives in general, begin to unravel. Changes begin to take shape inside out outside, shifting and restructuring so we can mature into the next phase of our lives.

Change, much of the time is dealt with by resistance, and without a sincere commitment into our process of change, we could very well find ourselves missing the blessing and complicating the process.


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Whether you’ve already signed up for an ayahuasca retreat with The Leaf & deVine church or if you just want as much information as possible, it helps to know what to expect from an ayahuasca ceremony. Please click below to email us with your questions!

Preparation & Spiritual Work

Mother Ayahuasca is a Spirit plant who serves humanity. Meeting her for the first time, you will come face to face with a spirit plant whose benevolent intention is to enlighten, commune, teach, and empower, through love.  We can connect to plant spirits daily. I speak to my plants like they are living beings because they are. You can be in a relationship with energy, just as you would be with an ancestor or an angel. I believe all plant consciousness and all plants are here for human beings to heal and to learn from. I think plants help us remember our nature because they hold all the elements within them, just as we do. They’re holding the sun, the water, the fire, and the earth—and we are, too. Connecting with our spirit and our spiritual practices will bring us to our heart-space where freedom and love have little room for fear and doubt.


  1. What spiritual practices do I presently have and how can I expand upon them in preparing for my upcoming ceremony?

  2. What spiritual practices would I like to explore in preparation for meeting Mother Ayahuasca.

  3. What questions do I have for her and am I willing to follow her guidance?

  4. What areas of my life need an influx of higher spiritual practice?

  5. How can positivity and mindfulness bring me closer to peace and calm going in to the ceremony?

  6. How can I better connect with my heart-space and inner guidance system to clarify my higher purpose in going into the medicine?

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"It is time to embrace Humanity with my healing, extending beyond the Amazon basin, reaching global expansion, spreading through all the soils of tropical climates, growing in every forest, in every sidewalk, in every house garden. Care about me, harvest me, spread me around. Warriors of Light from Around the World...... Help Me To Help You !"

                                -- Ayahuasca Manifesto

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